NTC Examination Request

National Training Curriculum Student Examination Request

ABT Certified Teachers, once they have passed qualification exams to become certified in ABT’s National Training Curriculum, are eligible to present their students for ABT Student Examinations. ABT Student Examinations are the perfect culmination of training each year because they assess each student’s skill level and artistic presentation, while demonstrating progress and building confidence. Both students and teachers benefit from the examination experience: students receive a personalized rubric and a certificate of achievement while presenting teachers receive personal feedback and the opportunity to become an ABT Affiliate Teacher.

All ABT Certified Teachers may present their students for examination. ABT Affiliate Teachers are required to present a minimum of 12 students once every two years to maintain their Affiliate Teacher status. For Primary Levels and Levels 1 & 2, 90% of each teacher’s students presented must pass; at Levels 3 & 4, 80% of the students must pass; and for Levels 5, 6 & 7, 75% of the students must pass.

ABT Certified teachers should start by requesting exams at least 4 months in advance (5 months for exams outside the US) by filling out the Online Request Form, below.

**Update as of October 2020: We have transitioned to online exams for January - June, 2021. Primary A - Level 4A exams (and Master Classes) may be performed remote (in-home) or in-studio. Levels 4B-7 exams must be performed in-studio either live or pre-recorded. Guidelines for July - Dec. to be published in early 2021.

Contact for the 2021 Student Exam Guidelines Online or for more information.




2021 Online Student Examination Request Form